Effective Tree and Shrub Care Treatments

Your Ideal Choice for Quality Tree and Shrub Care Services

Unhealthy trees and shrubs can ruin the look of your beautiful property. Get in touch with American Lawn and Tree Specialists for an effective tree and shrub care program. Call us to get a FREE no obligation tree and shrub analysis!

In addition to proper fertilization, thorough pest control is also important in keeping your trees and shrubs healthy and disease-free. Speak with one of our experienced specialists to discuss your options.

Our Tree and Shrub Care Program 

  • Root zone fertilization
  • Early season insect and disease control
  • Horticulture oil spraying
  • Midseason insect and disease control
  • Late season insect and disease control
  • Fall root zone fertilization
  • Fall horticulture oil spraying
  • Antidesiccant treatments
For quality tree and shrub care services, 
call us at 443-920-3513.
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