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Our Organic Based Lawn Care Program

Our Organic Based Lawn Care Program starts with a soil test which is an important step to identify your current soil pH and nutrient deficiencies. This will enable our knowledgeable specialists to provide personalized lawn care solutions that suits best for your lawn.

Round 1 - Early Season
An early season organic based fertilizer along with a preemergent to control crabgrass growth in your lawn. This will enhance the deep green color of your lawn and aid in winter recovery. Also eliminating most active weeds including winter annual weeds such as chickweed, bittercress, and wild onion.

Round 2 - Spring
An organic based spring fertilizer, preemergent weed control, and a post emergent to treat active broadleaf weeds. Target weeds during this time of season are dandelions, clover, plantain, oxalis, and ground ivy.

Round 3 - Late Spring
A late spring organic based fertilization to prepare lawn for summer. We are also treating the active broadleaf weeds. It will also help your lawn look green and healthy.

Round 4 - Early Summer
An organic based summer fertilizer is applied to supply the turf to nourish your lawn with the necessary nutrients.

Round 5 - Late Summer
An organic based summer fertilizer is applied to reinvigorate your turf from summer stress.

Round 6 - Early Fall
Early fall fertilization designed to support root development and fall color. We are also looking to eliminate the weeds present in your lawn at this time.

Round 7 - Late Fall
The late season fertilizer is used to enhance the color and root development of your lawn. This treatment makes your turf ready for the upcoming winter months.

Other Landscaping Services We Provide

Soil Testing: A soil sample is taken from your lawn and is analyzed to identify soil pH and nutrient deficiencies. This is a requirement by the Maryland Department of Agriculture and is advised to perform at least once in every 3 years.

Tree / Shrub Programs: Our tree and shrub program includes deep root fertilization, insect and disease control, prevention of insect eggs and anti-desiccant for evergreen winter protection.

Core Aeration: Aeration reduces soil compaction and allows oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate into the soil. Fall aeration and overseeding are the best methods to eliminate weed germination in your lawn.

Overseeding: Overseeding is the process of thickening your turf with new high-quality grass seeds. Overseeding is effective after aeration because the aerated, loosened soil will be ready to accept the new seeds.

Slit Seeding: If you have bare areas in your lawn, slit seeding is the best option for you. This is an aggressive lawn care approach when compared to aeration and overseeding.

Grub Control: Grub control treatment protects your lawn against grub damage, especially during the summer season.

Grassy Weed Control: This program is designed to control perennial grasses present in your lawn. The properly timed treatments can get rid of the weeds such as Bermudagrass, Nimblewill, Bentgrass and Dallisgrass.

Flea and Tick Control: If you have annoying fleas and ticks in your lawn, get in touch with us. You can opt for our flea control programs and one-time treatments to eliminate fleas and ticks from your property.

Vegetation Control: Vegetation control programs include removal of weeds from your mulch beds, in and around your fences, sidewalks and driveways.

Nuisance Pest Control: Eliminate pests such as ants, mosquitoes, gnats and much more.

Deer and Mole Scram: An organic method is adopted to prevent moles and deer from destroying your lawn.
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