Detail-Oriented Insect Control Programs

Protect Your Family From Insects and Pests

Protect your family and pets from various infectious diseases with a safe and effective pest control program from American Lawn and Tree Specialists. If insects are damaging your lawn, get in touch with us immediately. Many insects like Grubs can ruin a lawn within days

Our highly trained staff can design a perfect flea and tick treatment program suitable for your needs. We offer pest control treatment on a 30 to 45 day basis to eliminate pests and insects from your yard effectively. Call us to learn more about our services.
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Nuisance Pest Control Program

Our Nuisance Pest Control Program is designed to control outdoor insects all year around. Read through the benefits our exclusive pest control program.
  • Eliminates unwanted pests and insects invading your property
  • Odorless and colorless 
  • Harmless to soil, flowers, bushes, and lawns
  • Effective for various types of pests
  • Keeps insecticides out of your home
If you're planning for a special outdoor event and need prompt pest control services, let us know! Our friendly staff will evaluate your site and provide you with a thorough pest control program suitable for you.
Get a FREE no obligation lawn analysis.
Call us at 443-920-3513.
You can expect us to exceed your expectations with quality pest control treatment and outstanding customer services.
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